Everyone has nerves going into a photoshoot, even professional models.

Here are some of the questions that Seth is asked most often before and during photoshoots. Take a look at them to set your mind at ease so you know what to expect going into the photoshoot. You can also ask me a question directly.

Am I expected to know how to pose and do my own poses throughout the shoot?

For couples, if you are naturally touchy with each other, don’t be afraid to let that show during the shoot in holding hands, kissing, and hugging, as this always results in great photos.

What should I wear?
This depends on the type of photoshoot, and several types are listed below:

Whatever you are wearing all day is perfect (tuxedos, etc).

Couples Shoots
Wear something comfortable and suited to the location where the shoot will take place. Multiple outfits or shirts and different shoes always make for good variety.

Family Shoots
You don’t all have to wear the same shirt or even the same colours, but if you’d like to, that’s completely up to you. Remember, these aren’t Sears portraits.

Have several outfits, with at least one shirt that can be unbuttoned or rolled up to show off your pregnant belly.

Band Shoots/Musicians
Wear whatever you like. While having your instruments with you in your photos can make for interesting photos, it is cliche and overdone, therefore not recommended.

Do I(we) need to bring any props?
If you have something that holds sentimental value related to the photoshoot, a tool of your trade, or something to do while take photos, definitely bring it. Let Seth know in advance so he can brainstorm some creative ways to involve your prop in the shoot.

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