Woodstock Barn Wedding – Woodstock Wedding Photography – Dana & Zack

I met Dana and Zack last fall. Dana works with my sister-in-law Beth (coolest person around), and I’m super glad that Beth referred them to me, because they are super awesome people!

Dana and Zack’s wedding was held at Zack’s family’s farm, and it was beautiful. From the ceremony by the pond, to the wedding reception in the barn, their attention to detail and Pinterest-inspired decorations added their wedding to my list of the best weddings I’ve photographed.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day:

Wedding dress for a woodstock wedding

Bride'S Jewelry on a piano - woodstock wedding photographer

bridal jewelry on cowboy booots at a barn wedding in woodstock

Groomsmen in suspenders at a barn wedding in woodstock

Woodstock bridal photography - Bride putting on dress

Homemade sign at outdoor wedding in woodstock, ontario

Another homemade sign at a barn wedding in woodstock

Crafty outdoor wedding photography in woodstock

Photography of a wedding in woodstock

Wedding photographer in woodstock at an outdoor wedding

Bride and groom kissing at an outdoor wedding in woodstock, ontario

Wedding photographer in woodstock - Bride and groom walking down aisle

Woodstock wedding photographer - bride and groom with thank-you sign

Wedding photography in woodstock - bride groom kiss under umbrella

Woodstock wedding photography - bride holds boquet and hugs groom

Woodstock bridal photography - bride holding bouquet by side

Woodstock photographer - groom and bride chatting

Woodstock barn wedding - bride and groom kiss

Barn weddings in ontario - head table with bouquet

Head table - woodstock barn wedding phootgrapher

barn wedding photography in woodstock